Tourist Attraction Traditional Sydney Opera House In Australia.

Australia is an island-continent. It is basically located in the south-eastern region of Oceania in Asia. With the nearby island of Tasmania, it formed the Commonwealth of Australia. The northern parts of the country include the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Torres Strait, The Coral Sea in the east and the Tasman Sea, the diameter of the south and the Indian Ocean on the west. Although Australia is considered to be the smallest continent in the world, it is the 6th largest country. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Sydney’s largest city. Sydney is the most populous city in the country on the southeast coast of Australia. About 4.3 million people live in Sydney. The city of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales state. And here is the famous ‘Sydney Opera House’.

Sydney Opera House

Its location at the Sydney Ports bowling point. It looks like a boat sailing. The Sydney Opera House has been the main focus of millions of tourists in the world today. And this opera house has been built on the edge of the ocean, which looks like a valley.

Sydney Opera House Travel

History of the Sydney Opera House

In 1956 the design was called for the construction of the Opera House. And in 1957 the design of the opera house was approved. 233 designs have been submitted from all over the world. Among these designs, the design of Sweden’s architect, John Atzan, has been finalized. And he gets 5 thousand pounds for this design. The plan to build an opera house was decided to four years. But it took 14 years to build it. Since 1959 construction work started. About 10 thousand workers built the Opera House. About 1.6 million tiles have been used in the roof of the Opera House built by 1.62 hectares area. These tiles have been made in Sweden.

Description of the Sydney Opera house inside

There are 2,679-seats concert halls, 1507-seats opera theaters, 544-seats drama theaters, 398-seats playhouses and 400 people working together in the studio. By changing the configuration, the size and seat capacitance of these halls can be increased or reduced. About eight million people visit this Opera house every year.

Sydney Opera House Inside

In addition to theater or stage shows, there is also an arrangement to visit the Opera House. Small parties or individuals can visit the opera house in exchange for a ticket. There are a number of guides to showcase the opera house of newcomer inspectors. During the inspection, the guides introduce visitors to the history of building this establishment.

Paul Robinson’s first concert at the Opera House In 2007, UNESCO listed the establishment as a ‘World Heritage List’. The cost to build was $ 70 million. But at the end of the construction, it is estimated that it costs 102 million dollars. The Australian government carries a large part of this expenditure

It was opened in October 1973. Located in Sydney Harbor. Its design, like a ship, has made it unique in architecture history. The building with a capacity of 1000 people attracts 7 million tourists every year.
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Sydney Opera House Tourism

Queen Elizabeth II of Australia officially opened on 20 October 1973 Sydney Opera House, one of the footprints of modern architecture. A large number of interested people were present in it. But the Sydney Opera House designer John Atzan was not invited to the ceremony. Even his name was not mentioned anywhere. The opening ceremony was shown directly on the television screen. Fireworks were portrayed and Symphony 9 of Beethoven was served.

Travel to the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s traditional establishments. Here are all the facilities for tourists. It is one of the busiest Performing Arts centers in the world. Here tourists take a lot of entertainment tastes. So to say, the Sydney Opera House is unrivaled for travel.

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