Top 10 Attractive And Spectacular Places To Visit In Switzerland

Switzerland is a place of dreams for travelers. The country is famous for the Alps Mountains. Not only the peak of the mountains in the snow, Switzerland’s transparent blue water lake, great valleys wrapped in a huge green carpet and the beauty of all the shores of the lake found in the stories. If you travel around this country with its own self-made nature in four countries (France, Italy, Germany and Austria), it will seem like I’m not just traveling in one country but in some countries I am traveling.

So much diversity, so much beauty of Switzerland’s culture is also eye-catching. In contrast to the history page of Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and the capital of Bern’s historic culture will be the first to be seen. Every year, many tourists visit Switzerland. If you have a name in Switzerland on your travel list, then the article has been arranged with all the information needed to visit the country. Let’s take a look at some of the great tourist spot in the country, which will be the top of the preferred list while traveling to Switzerland.

Ten Attractive Places In Switzerland

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The Matterhorn

One of the highest peaks in the Alps Mountains is “The Matterhorn”. Situated on Switzerland-Italy border, the breathtaking beauty of this mountain is able to take a night’s sleep. Approximately 4,478 meters high, this mountain peak is the hobby of man from the ancient times. The first Expedition of The Matterhorn was like a terrible horror. On the day of 1865, four trekkers participating in the first expedition fell from the grave and lost their lives. Now every season, many experienced trekkers trekked The Matterhorne. Below the Matterhorn has a small village named “Zermatt”, where the Swiss government has prohibited all types of motorized vehicles to keep the environment beautiful. There are also some great resorts and extraordinary restaurants.


Jungfrau, originally known as Europe’s highest point, is a national highway station. The most popular railroad of Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is the railway ride to Jungfrau.

Located at an elevation of about 3,454 meters, this hill station has a separate house for mountain observation. From where to find huge panoramic landscapes. Trekking from Switzerland’s famous Valley of Lauterbrunnen also starts from here. World’s longest glacier in Europe at the UNESCO World Heritage Site titled “Great Aletsch Glacier” also located in Jungfrau. The trekking trends in Switzerland are to start from here, such as Faulhorn, Greendale, Eiger Trail, Matterhorn. For those who have a little less active trekking, they have cable car arrangements.


Interlaken is the name of one of Switzerland’s most traveled attractions in the west of Thun Lake and on the east side of the Brian Lake. This interlaken, known as the gem of urban planning, has about 35 acres of open land, from which there are some great mountain ranges like Eigar, Monch, and Jungfrau. Interlaken is called the heaven of alpine adventure. Hiking, trekking, paragliding, skiing, climbing in the mountains, Kayaking in the lake water – everything can be done here! Interlaken is the perfect place to spend a beautiful weekend in summer. There are 45 of the total hilly trains coming to Interlaken from other parts of the country, railway’s journey are also in a stage of being memorable.


Once you close your eyes, think of a huge lake of blue water stretched across the hills, a lofty, unmanned motorcycle, a city full of historic buildings, beside the lake. Surely the picture has been painted in the mind? By beauty, Lucerne is famous for its annual international international concert. Every year the world’s most famous singer, writer, composer and special orchestra lovers visit here. The main attraction of the city is “Chapel Bridge” built in the 14th century and there is “Dying Lion Monument” where a dead lion has been revered by the nature of the Swiss guards who died in conflict with the tuileries during the French Revolution. There are also “Swiss Transport Museum”, “Lake Lucerne” etc.

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Lake Geneva

Geneva, a small town on Switzerland and Fanch border. Geneva is a beautiful city, it is the world’s largest Alpine lake. The lake was named after the city of Geneva.

When the reflection of the light covered in the snow of the Alps Mountains falls in the Lake Geneva, it will be difficult to believe that you are in this world on a wet afternoon in the green grass. In the countries of Europe, this Geneva city is known as the capital of peace. The historic buildings that have been parked on the banks of the lake and resort have covered the city with immense beauty. It is said that the entire city of Geneva is a travel place.

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So far, Switzerland has hosted the Winter Olympics twice. However, the fact that those two Winter Olympics venues were about 1,800 meters above sea level, one of the world’s mountain destinations, Saint-Moritz.

Transparent lakes like glass, snow-covered walkways, alpine forests, and huge elevations have been done by Saint-Moritz in terms of other interesting attractions. Two parts of St. Moritz, one below the other at the top. The upper part is named Saint Moritz Dorf and the lower part is known as St. Moritz-Bad. There is St. Moritz lake in St Moritz’s Bad and the cost of eating and staying there is also less. As the height increases, the price of all things increased there. In winter, there are tourists on skiing, skating, snowboarding, bobsledding. And the main attraction in the summer is Hiking, Biking, WaterSport, Glacier Skiing etc.

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Travelling to Lugano shows Switzerland in an exceedingly totally different light-weight. Bordering European nation within the south, the Italian influence is simple within the Swiss canton region, from the native language, romantic villasand wealthy cookery up to the nice and cozy summers. though a inland country, the weather in southern Switzerland is touched by rushes of heat Mediterranean air. Lugano is flush with museums and variety of heritage sites housed in neoclassical palazzos (grand buildings). the town stands north of the beautiful Lago di Lugano (Lake Lugano), a locality frequented by celebrities that has been dubbed the ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’.


Not many folks grasp that the medieval town of Berne is Switzerland’s capital – however once you tread on its slim cobblestoned streets, all doubts area unit certain to vanish. History sings in each corner of this town, particularly in its previous city, that has been named a United Nations agency World Heritage website. Archaic towers loom over Bern’s arenaceous rock facades, varied fountains and entrenchments whereas arcades area unit stuffed with boutiques, bars, cafes and cabaret stages that area unit generally hidden at intervals domed cellars. Because the current seat of a people parliament (Bundeshaus), Bern is one among the foremost healthy historical centres in Switzerland. It boasts a shocking arboretum, a vibrant weekly market and access to the watercourse river and also the Bear Park, wherever a family of bears – the city’s image – reside.

Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest water, could be a captivating natural marvel of Swiss tourism. At the northermost part of Switzerland is close to the city of Schaffhausen, the mighty falls roar from a breadth of over a hundred and fifty metres. guests will watch the spectacle from many viewing decks whereas those daring enough will rent their own canoes and trip close castles Schloss Laufen and Schloss Wörth. On Swiss National Day, 1 August, the Rheinfall flaunts a senational low explosive show that pulls flocks of tourists.

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If you end up with the story of Switzerland’s biggest city then Zurich is one of the unique names in Swiss transport world. The Lake, built on the banks of the River Limmat, is the largest city on the shore of Zurich, which is one of the top most preferred tourist destinations in Switzerland.

Anyone from outside countries to come to Switzerland via water is required to become Zurich. Available in various places of Zurich’s “Old Town”, there are about 50 museums and galleries of more than 100 paintings. If a culture is practiced in a city, you can understand how vigorous Zurich is as a city.

After visiting all the museums in the city, old historic buildings and galleries of painting, sit on the train from the city to the “Uitilburg Mountain”, the pictures of the whole city will flutter in front of the eye.

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