The World’s Longest And Attractive 5 Sea Beaches

Some beach is famous for their temperature and sand colors, and some beaches are famous for their longevity. Let’s know about the longest 5 sea beaches in the world::

The world’s longest 5 sea beaches

Playa Novillero:

Playa Novillero is the 5th longest beach in the world. It is the longest beach in Mexico. Its length is approximately 56 miles. Its location is located in Mexico’s Tequila Nuer. It is located on an island 100 meters from the mainland of Mexico and connects with the bridge from the mainland. Its sand is very fine. The water is very cool and it is quite warm throughout the year.

Padre Island National Seashore Tourism
Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore:

The world’s fourth longest beach is the Padre Island National Seashore. It is America’s longest beach. Its length is about 70 miles. Its location is the Padre Island which is the largest Barrier island in the world. The beach is well-known for its white sand and breeding grounds for various marine turtle species. Most of the beaches are underdeveloped, but camping facilities are available here. However, movement of four-wheeled vehicles is prohibited in most parts of the beach.
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Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the third longest beach in the world. However, it is the longest “natural sand” sea beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar 120 km south of Bangladesh Or expanding around 75 miles. While tourists are the main attraction of Bangladesh, other tourists around the world know very little about Cox’s Bazar. Because most of the tourists do not have the name of Bangladesh. Moreover, there are mismanagement of Bangladesh tourism industry. Cox’s Bazar has three spots for tourists named Labani, Himchari and Inani. But the most interesting spot in it is the Inani Beach Spot. For tourists there are many five star hotels and numerous hotel-motels. Besides, there is a seafood market for tourists near the beach where there are different types of mussel and rural artifacts available.

Ninety Mile Beach Tour
Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach:

The next beach on the list is Ninety Mile Beach. It is thought that the beach is 90 miles long. It is located in the southwestern part of Australia’s Victoria Coast, and the heart of the gypsland is separated from the Bus Strait. There are few small towns nearby. But the beach is very popular especially for dolphin and whales, swimmers and fishermen. But the beach is not allowed to swim or swim too far. However, the beach is suitable for relax or photography. So? Which is the longest beach in the world?

Praia do Cassino Beach Travel
Praia do Cassino Beach

Praia do Cassino Beach:

Around 150 miles long Brazilian Praia do Cassino Beach is the world’s longest beach. This beach is so long that it stretches from Rio Grande sea port to the mouth of Uruguay’s adjoining chewing flow. It is longer than the entire coast of New York State or New Jersey State. In addition to length, the beach is famous for its white sand. And well-known for warmth temperatures. But the temperature here is mostly hot. But who will come to the sea to get warm? There is water and water. And so on the beach there are many more activities, including different sports. In it, surfing is the most popular.

Tourists can visit the leisure time from these sea beaches. Regularly visit all your travel related information- TravelsWorld.Org

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