January 24, 2020

The top 10 airlines in the world in 2019

The list of the top 10 airlines in the world in the year 2019 has been published a few days ago. The list is basically based on surveys carried out by air travelers around the world for 12 months. This year Singapore Airlines has occupied the first place. Emirates has moved to third place this year in the first place. Southwest Airlines is the only American airline in the list. This time the new additions to the list are Jet2.com, Ava Air, Qatar Airways. Six of the top ten are in Asia (Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, Ava Air, Korean Air). Let’s take a look at the world’s top ten airlines list.

1. Singapore Airlines

One of the largest airlines in the world is Singapore Airlines. They operate in more than 60 places in around 35 countries around the world. They provide services in these four categories: suites, business class, first class, economy. Flight attendants are trained to use with utmost care and respect. And for this Singapore Airlines has received praise.

Before leaving the aircraft, the passengers were provided with a hot towel. There are many entertainment arrangements on the passenger’s private TV. Singapore Airlines also has the reputation for providing qualitiful food. It has won the title of ‘Best First Class Airline’ of the year 2018.

2. Air New Zealand

New Zealand National Aircraft Air New Zealand Operates almost everywhere in the world including Asia, Australia, North and South America, United Kingdom, with more than 20 locations inside the country. Air New Zealand’s economy classes are better than any other airline’s economy class. For this reason, the passengers have very good reputation for this “Premium Economy”.

3. Emirates

Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East. It operates in almost 78 countries. There is always a separate application for the convenience and comfort of the passengers, Dubai-based airlines Emirates Airbuses are huge, wide seats, spacious windows.
The first two hours of the flight have 20 MB of free Wi-Fi access. There are many types of videos and music even live play entertainment for in-flight entertainment. There are three types of suites, flat beds, sleeper seats, in the first class cabin.

4. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, also known as “Nikko”, is the national airline of Japan. They’ve got good reputation for serving good quality food. Two types of Japanese or American / European food are provided on the plane. Everything is nicely arranged in the traditional Japanese section here. There are linguistic problem here but the flight attendants’ sincerity disappeared. There is enough room for even footwear in Economy.

5. Ava Air

Ava Air Taiwan based Airlines This airline introduces the first ‘Premium Economy’ cabin. Ava Air’s ‘Hello Kitty’ theme has some aircrafts that have got much popularity with the passengers. From the airplane check in, everything inside the air, even the served food, ‘Hello Kitty’ touches. There is enough space to footwear on the plane.

6. Southwest Airlines

Dallas’s Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest budget airline. It operates in 10 countries. They have only an economy class cabin. Like other budget airlines, they do not charge a separate fee for 2 baggage. They have good reputation in the air transportation, beautiful luggage management at a fixed time.

7. Jet2.com

It’s British budget plane They operate their activities in almost 60 destinations in Europe. Because of the budget flight, passengers are required to pay check-in luggage, separate price for the inside of the aircraft. Very quickly check-in with efficiency. Passengers are not able to stand in long lines for a long time.

8. Qatar Airways

The Doha-based airline has earned a reputation for comfortable seats and air conditioning. It operates their activities on 145 places of 6 continents. The dishes served on the aircraft are delicious and very much. The passengers have different reputation for quality services. Qatar Airways is called ‘Best Business Class Airways’. At the scheduled time, they have good reputation in the airplane. Business classes and first class seats can be converted into beds.

9. Azul

This is the budget airline of Brazil. Can be used in 100 locations in the country. Most airlines only have economy class cabins, although some aircrafts have a business class cabin. Although the budget airplane is light breakfast, drinks are served. Azul is better than other budget airlines.

10. Korean Air

South Korean ‘Korean Air’ has taken the top ten in the top ten. It operates in 20 locations and 100 international locations in the country. Flight attendants are always happy to serve passengers. Food quality served on the air is also good. If you want to get extra breakfast, drinks can be found. This is the best ‘Economy Airline’ of the year 2019.

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