The Most Beautiful Niagara Falls in United States and Canada

Big world is ours. Nature has scattered many things in us. Nature does not like the mystery, but she herself is very mysterious. We have thousands of things in this world, whose beauty is the beauty of which you have to be fascinated. To the beloved people of the journey, this name bears the happiness of heaven. Niagra Falls is one of her. “ONGUIAAHRA” means “thunder in the water”, from which the word Niagara is derived.

Every year, millions of people enjoy the beauty of nature from the different parts of the world. As an average, about 300 million visitors come here every year.

History of Niagara Falls

Although the Niagara River is about 1200 years old, about 1800 years ago, there were about 2 to 3 kilometers of snow in the south of Ontario. The snow in all the areas was such that if it looked as if white white paper would have been folded. The ice and frot leaks started to melt in the basin due to the change in summer, and a huge waterfall was created in the Lake Irie, Niagara and Lake Ontario. That is, we are now called the waterfall of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Travel

Location and statistics of Niagara Falls

Niagra Falls is the English name of “Niagara Falls”. Locals say that it is named “Niagara” because it is located on the river Niagra. Located in the border between Canada and the United States, this Niagara Falls Originally made of Niagara waterfalls, along with three separate waterfalls, the different waterfalls are formed. Name of these three waterfalls: Horse False or Canada False, American False and Bridal Ville False. Every day, Niagara Falls generates more than 600 million cubic feet of water per day. The average amount of which is 40 lakh cubic feet. Niagara is one of the main sources of hydroelectric power in New York and Ontario. It is understood that the waterfall is helping the country’s industries and commerce, and the tourism industry hopes to revive the country’s economy by strengthening the economy. Niagara Falls but not just a waterfall. This Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls. Names are respectively Horshoe Falls or Canadian Falls, American Falls, Bridal Ville Falas.

Once in 1948 the ice was stopped for about 40 to 42 hours due to the water currents. Then the country’s overall electricity system falls in danger Because the country’s electricity system is dependent on Niagara hydropower. In order to deal with this situation, in the 1950’s, the water circulation of water was started by the Niagara Treaty.

Beauty of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Facts

The Niagara Falls is not just the beauty that carries. Many daring people wanted to travel to Niagara. Many people have lost their lives trying to enjoy its beauty. Many people jumped over from it again. Many people have rigged the ropes on the other side and at the other end. There are many adventurous travel pigs whose purpose is not to just enjoy beauty. Win him

In October 1829, Sam Patch, a daring traveler named Junk, had jumped in Niagara. Incredibly true, Sam Pacch survived the ride. Seeing these tricks of Sam, many dared to do this daring work and they adopted the way Sam was shown. Many succeeded, but many had to count its worth, sacrificing their lives.

Anyone who walks on the ropes, someone else has filled himself with a drum (drum) filled with the storm in the waterfall. The verdant barrel has been shrouded in the heights of Niagara 173 feet height. Those who did these things were given the name “Funambulist”.

Among those who crossed Niagara on the ropes, the best was “Jean François Gravló or the Great Blonda”. These brave explorers crossed the Niagara for 23 times in 1859 to 1860. However, on June 15, 2012, a US man named Nick Wandanda walked over two-inch wire to cross the Niagara and was at the peak of the discussion. In addition to Sigonar Ferrini, Henry Beleni, James Hardia and the only woman, Mrs. Taylor, many more adventurers have crossed the Niagara Falls and recorded their names in history.

Niagara Falls Tourism

Niagara Falls Tourism

Tours can roam the natural beauty of nature from the waterfall of Niagara Falls. Traveling from anywhere in the world to the United States or Canada to enjoy the beauty of Niagara Waterfall. But some places should not go all the time. Then its real beauty is not seen. For the summer and spring to see the Niagara Falls in the right time. There is a ship named “Maid of the Mist” which has the opportunity to enjoy its beauty near this waterfall. Niagara Falls is an entirely different form of nature. The beauty of which is not really like the description. Many things have created nature, for creating the mystery around it. Niagara is one of her Do not resort to time and opportunity, but from this strange nature of nature.

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