The Fullest Guide To Travel Bali In Indonesia

The Bali island, which is rich in natural beauty, is located in Indonesia. It is only 2 kilometers away from Java and 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator. Bali Island is a combination of friendly people and beautiful natural attractions. Its sandy beach, flowing river and beautiful wildlife – makes the visitors very easily uneven. The island is very popular for tourists coming from all over the world.

Tourist city Bali. People from all over the island are warmly welcome to tourists. The people gathered in the street after the tree leaves in the dustbin. Tourists’ priority here in everything There are no commercial shops in the hotel area of ​​residence. The beach area is very clean. There is a huge turtle on the island of Turtles. Bali is quite different from the rest of the country and it is a province. It has its own government, but the Jakarta-based government controls high levels of economy. The Balinese culture of the island is a major attraction for tourists. This culture has been influenced by the many cultures of this region, especially through Europe, China and India.

Travel to Bali

Traveling from many countries of the world comes thirsty to moisten themselves in the natural form of Bali Island. The Bali island is actually located between the continents of Asia and Australia. So this is especially famous among Australians. Here are two seasons mainly dry and wet. The temperatures rise from 24 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Although Indonesia is a Muslim country, Bali Island is the Hindu head. There are plenty of pubs, discos and nightclubs to attract tourists to Bali Island.

Guideline To Travel Bali

A significant attraction is that the island has shown innovative power to influence its tourists, but the technical progress in the sand has slowed down. Although hotels, restaurants and other public places are high quality, fast and reliable connections can not be promised in this region. In spite of this fact, Bali Island is very popular, especially in the context of tourism and honeycomb. Lots of newlyweds and romantic couple are very much liked by this region for leisure. So Bali Island is also called “The Last Paradise on Earth”.

Tourisom of Bali

How to go Bali

If you want to be in the capital Jakarta, you will need to travel for one and a half hour in order to reach Jakarta from Jakarta. Then you have to hire Limo and Taxi to visit the Bali. Professional guide and driver are very easy to visit many interesting places of Bali.

Best time to travel Bali

The Bali’s climate is quite pleasant throughout the year. However, heavy rainfall can be experienced from March to December. The dry season of travelers (April to September) should be selected for this island to travel. However, a lot of people came to visit the Bali this time, increasing the price of goods increased and the tourism sites became quite dense. But during the months of April and May you can be able to avoid the rain and the crowd as well.

Attraction near the Bali

Kuta, Munkar, Praya, Gambira

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