The Five Most Attractive Tourist Spot in United Arab Emirates

Shopping, sightseeing, high-end resorts, white sand beaches, artificial islands and the United Arab Emirates protect millions of tourists every year. The UAE government has made huge investments in the tourism industry of the country to make the United Arab Emirates the world’s most popular tourist destination in the near future. As a result, the UAE is now an attractive name for tourists around the world. So let’s see, about 5 of the most spectacular and interesting places in the United Arab Emirates:

Top Tourist Attractions in United Arab Emirates – UAE

Dubai Museum:
The Dubai Museum is at the 5th place in the list of the most spectacular and attractive places in the United Arab Emirates. This magnificent museum is located in al-Fahidi fort, which dates back to 1787. It is the oldest architecture in the UAE. The walls of the museum are made by traditional coral blocks. The upper floor is supported by wood pole. The ceiling has been made from palm fronts, plaster and mud. The museum exhibits various historical models that represent the lifestyle of Amir before getting oil. This museum gallery contains artistic items of ancient times, some of them more than 3000 years ago.

Al Bastakiya Tourism
Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya:
Al Bastakiya is next to the list. This Al Bastakiya represents the old Dubai and it is one of the most tourist attractions of the UAE. Visitors can visualize ancient and historic Arabian architecture by watching Al Bastakiya. Seeing the wind towers of Al Bastakiya, it is understood how ancient Arabians kept their houses cool before supplying electricity to Dubai. Some historic houses in Al Bastakiya are now used as museums and galleries. And in the galleries, old paintings, handcrafts and various ancient traditional jewelry are seen.

Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab in the 3rd place in the list of the most spectacular and attractive places in the UAE. Burj Al Arab is a 7-star hotel in Dubai, UAE. This is the fourth highest hotel in the world. The hotel has been built on the artificial island within the 280 meters of the ocean sea. This building has been built to imitate the structure of old sailing ships of Arabia. Sheikh Nahyan’s family property is the Burj Al Arab who is one of the wealthiest persons and rulers of the Arab world. “Burj Al Arab” was voted as the world’s luxury hotel by the voters of Daily Telegraph’s luxury travel magazine, Ultra Travel. The hotel has won two prestigious awards in the category “Best Hotel In The World” and “Best Hotel In Middle East”. The construction of Burj Al Arab is about 650 million US dollars. So what Do you travel this hotel?
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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque tour
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the United States next to the list of the most spectacular and attractive places in the United Arab Emirates. The mosque is a modern monument of incredible beauty. Its location in the city of Abu Dhabi. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. The mosque is built on 30 acres of land and can read 40000 prayers together here. There is a lot of use of gold, mosaic tiles, glass and marbell inside the mosque. And the outer side has been used in the White stone. And on Qibla’s wall, 99 names of Allah will be seen.

Burj Khalifa travel
Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa:

Undoubtedly the most spectacular and attractive place in the United Arab Emirates is the Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s highest skyscraper building. The height of the building is 829.8 meters. The building is used as a house, hotel and office. However, the most interesting place for the tourists is the 124th floor of the building’s top observation deck. In this building there are fast moving elevators. This elevators is one of the fastest in the world, this elevator can move you up to the top of the 124th floor. In the 360 ​​degree view from the observation deck, you can see the whole of Dubai – on one side foggy desert and the other side of the Fenel Sea. And the night scene is more aesthetic. Photographer especially likes this time. Because the night shines in Dubai, the city and its streets open a new door of beauty.

Other places in the UAE: Dubai Creek, Dubai Miracle Gardens, Desert, Thousand Mountains, Ferrari World, Dubai Shopping Mall, Emirates Palace, Sharjah Arts Museum etc.

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