The 5 Most Attractive and Spectacular Places in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s tourist attractions. Since its establishment as a British trading colony in 1819 after Independence – it has become one of the richest cities or countries in the world. In the mix of Asian and cultures, the country is becoming more and more popular with visitors. Singapore’s communication and tourism system is very advanced. You can travel to Singapore with loved ones at any time. So let’s see the most spectacular and interesting 5 places of Singapore:

5 Most Attractive Places in Singapore

Chinatown Travel


Singaporean’s most spectacular and attractive location is at the 5th place in Chinatown. If you do not travel to China, you can travel to Chinatown, to meet China’s view of Chinatown. From China’s small shops to China’s traditional foods, bright red lanterns, Chinese clothing are all seen here. You can visit the Chinese Heritage Center here and see it is impressive and beautiful – Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple. There is also another temple named Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which promotes the art and culture of Singapore’s Buddhists.

Botanic Gardens Singapor toure
Botanic Gardens Singapore

Botanic Gardens:

Botanic Gardens at the 4th place in the list. This is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site nomination. Although Singapore seems to be the whole concrete jungle, these botanic Gardens changed the idea. It is like a real forest in a jungle of a brick-stone forest. Here you can see a variety of species of trees and animals in Singapore. There are about 60,000 species of trees and animals. There are different species of gardens in different parts of the Botanic Gardens. Such as: Orchid Garden, Eco Garden, Eco Lake, Bonsai Garden, Sculpture etc.

Gardens by the Bay:

Gardens by the Bay next to the list. This is a recent sight of the Singapore tourism industry. You can not stay away from its beauty, especially when you see it from above. Gardens by the Bay has three parts. Bay Central, Bay South and Bay East – a garden that connects the remaining two parts with the help of Waterfront Road. Bay South is the largest among of them. There are several tropical gardens and some tree-like structures which are about 50 meters in length.

Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer is the most visited and attractive place of Singapore. This is a Farris Wheel. However, it was launched in 2008, it is not only the Farris Wheel, it is the world’s tallest (165 meter) Farris wheel, which allows you to see the whole of Singapore. Its location is Marina Bay. The Singapore Flyer‘s Floor consists of 3 layers, which include restaurants, shops and other services. Each rides of the flyer lasts for 30 minutes and it runs from morning to deep night.
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Marina Bay Sands tourism
Marina Bay Sands

1. Marina Bay Sands:

Singapore’s most spectacular and interesting place is Marina Bay Sands. This is a ultramodern resort complex in Singapore. This Marina Bay Sands built in 2010 is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. There is a hotel, a variety of expensive brand showrooms, ArtScience Museum, a restaurant, convention center, theater, a shopping mall – The one through which a canal is moved, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark – a high point from which the entire Singapore is seen. This deck is seen across Singapore and in a ship situated in the Infinity Pool (The interesting thing is- this ship located above Marina Bay Sands Skype). Only hotel guests can use this Infinity Pool, but anyone can see the observation deck. Do not forget to pick up a celfie so high. I forgot to say that there is also a skating court made of artificial ice.

Some other sights of Singapore are as follows: Forlino Restaurant, Little India, Centosa Island, Siloso Beach, Singapore Zoo, Reffels Hotel, Clarke Quay, Jurong Bird Park, Esplanade Park etc.

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