Sahara Desert: The World’s Largest Tropical Desert

The Sahara Desert of Africa known as The Great Desert, is the third largest desert in the world. Around 9.2 million square kilometers of this vast desert lies across much of Africa. Outside of it, it has a wide range of places including Egypt, Morocco, Acazyria, Tunesia, Sudan, Niger, Mali and more. The Arabic word has been named from Sahara.

Largest Desert

Sahara Desert

Sahara’s weather is overly hot again dry. Of course, this hot summer day, in the night, there is a cold winter – sometimes it is seen that the snow pebbles are also grown. Winter and summer temperatures are between -10 to 43 degrees Celsius. Fluctuate till Annual average rainfall is around 20 cm in here. Sometimes a terrible dust storm hits the desert.

The entire Sahara Desert is covered with various shaped hills, mountainous plateau, Dhudi sand and almost uneven terrain. There are several desserts here. Most of the Sahara people live in these desert. Some nomadic tribes live in more remote areas of the desert. The total population is around 2 million. Their main livelihood is the cultivation of goats, sheep, camels and various kinds of crops, including jaggery, wheat and barley.

Largest Tropical Desert

The desert says that the Sahara is not perfect, it is not. There are various types of precious minerals in the Sahara desert. Especially in Libya and Algeria, in the desert, there are plenty of mineral oils and natural gas reserves. There are also many minerals including copper, iron, phosphate etc.

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Is Sahara Desert Man Made?

Scientists believe that Sahara’s natural environment was different from about 14 thousand years ago. They say that the Sahara region was once green but later it became a dry desert. Natural changes were considered so far in this regard. In a study published in the Frontiers in Earth Science Journal, the most sensational information has emerged. Researchers at the Seoul University claim that Sahara Desert is made of humans. Examples of animal husbandry and civilization in the Sahara region have been examined, at one time in the South Sahara this civilization was alive.

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Approximately 8000 years ago, a westward-looking greenery was seen in the Nile River basin. Later, the livestock economy shifted towards agriculture. In the west, people’s motivation for fertility was continued. Sahara is gradually becoming human. The green field was destroyed before the animal rearing, because of the large number of trees used to make livestock for the purpose of animal husbandry. As a result, the normal rainfall decreases in this region.

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Being in the desert of Sahara is showing the reflection of our wars towards the forest with a finger in the eye. Researchers have claimed that Sahara needs more extensive research, which will give us new information about the 1800s human civilization.

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