January 24, 2020

Mount Everest: The highest mountain in the world

Mount Everest is the highest Mountain ranges in the world. Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tanzing Norgay of Nepal on 29 May 1953 topped the summit of Everest. From then, the victory of the people of the Everest is going on.

Ancient history of Mount Everest:
Scientists said that almost two billion years ago, the mainland of the Indian subcontinent was near the African continent. The Indian subcontinent gradually progressed to the continent of Asia, due to various natural causes including earthquakes and climate. Then there was a clash with Asia after a massive scuffle. The Indian subcontinent was paired with the original mainland of Asia. Welded places become elevated from normal due to a fierce clash. They are believed to have turned into the Mountains Everest in the evolution of this elevated land period. They think that this continental conflict between Indian and Asian plates took place approximately 450 million years ago.

The mountain is located in the Mahalangur Himal Mountains of the Everest. Although the height of the sea level is 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), this horn is not the highest of the center of the earth.

Mount Everest: At first everyone knew that the highest mountain in the world is Kangchenjunga. The location of this mountain is located near the Everest. After the Everest were found, the work of measuring the highest peak began. At first, in 1852, a Bengali, named Radhanath Shikdar, got the task of measuring the height of the mountain. British India’s Surveyor General Andrew Scott Waugh took the initiative to work on this measure. For this, they conducted a large Triangle survey. They use 1100 pounds Theodolite to run this process more accurately.

In March 1866, the Royal Geographic Society officially said that Kangchenjunga is not the highest mountain in the world, it is the second highest mountain. The name of the Mount Everest is declared as the highest mountain. Everest named on his previous Surveyor General’s memory, Andrew Scott Waugh. From then on, the name “Top 15” became “Mount Everest”. But everyone in Nepal still calls it ‘Sagarmatha’ or the goddess of the sky. And the Tibetans call it ‘Chomolungma’ – which means ‘Goddess Mother of Mountains’. The word “Himalaya” in Bengali has come from Sanskrit language, which means the dwelling of Snow. The name of the tallest pebble is always covered with snow.

But before the discovery, the British made the first Everest expedition in 1921. In this, George Finch used the first oxygen to climb the mountain. The speed of climbing his mountain was amazing – around 950 feet in the hour. He climbed 8320 meters, which was the first person to climb up to 800 meters high. Mallory and Colonel Felix did the failed campaign for the second time on Everest. The group led by the Mallory led to landslides when they climbed north, wherein seven climbers of the group were killed.

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