Largest Fortification in Humanity’s History The Great Wall of China

The great architect of China, the only architectural monument that can be seen from space. Although there is a disagreement about this, it is no doubt that China’s most popular architecture. Millions of slaves, hard work of workers and signs of persecution of the emperors today is the great sovereign of China. So let’s see that the great power of China.

History of China’s Great Wall

Although the great wall of China is nowadays attracted by tourism, the reason for history or development is not so pleasant. It is a concept that was a thousand years old, when people were fighting to survive the nature, from wildlife and humans. In a word about history, today’s Chinese superstar, the Chinese emperors build the wall to save the ancient nomadic race, in particular, from nomad Mongolians. Its history extends as much as the Great Exorcist of China. In a few steps, for hundreds of years, the Chinese donated some empires to The Great Wall of China.

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In the seventh century BC, that means, about two thousand eight hundred years ago, there were a number of small states at the northern end of the Chinese civilization, and the answer was to live the nomad Mongolians. These dreaded fighters attacked the northern part of the city, in Gulistan. It was a case of murder and hijacking. They were terrified of the north and their reckless attacks were destroying the economic structure. And to stop their attacks, the construction of the largest human civilization started.

Initially, construction of soil and stone began to be constructed. However, from 1920 to 206 BC, the emperor of China, Shin Huang built the longest part of the wall. He is today a dreamer of China. He took possession of the northern kingdoms and built the wall, which was not as easy as making it with brick cement as it is today. Then Emperor Shi Huang and various emperors of Sina, Han and Swe dynasties also built or repaired many parts of the wall. They bring different timely changes. Many parts of today’s superstructure, the collective population of different regions. In the medieval period, Ming emperors developed and reconstructed the wall and damaged parts.

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Construction of the Great Wall of China

The contribution of the best engineers in the largest setting of human history is truly worthwhile and the path shown to them is still being used. The construction of such long wall was possible only by the Chinese civilization, with some common tools. Their tool was called spade, grubber, Hammer, Chisel, Rump. A group of wooden frames, one group of clay, filled the stone and the last group made it harder by pressing it. There was a terracotta or brick on the outside that made the wall vulnerable. The tower, which kept its watch from and the enemy would actually signal the washing from the towers and it would have been known to Paul whole forces. That was their main weapon. But there was no soil in all places. Then the ancient engineers introduced skills. An example of this is the desert. Where many tons of earth is impossible to build wall. So they built the canal and watch tower without wall, with the reef stack, now it has survived the war with time. Likewise, steep hills, jungle or water could not prevent anything.

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The Greatness of China’s Great Wall

How big is this Great Wall?
Answer: 21,196 kilometers.
This wall of the survival of all the kings now surviving. Where Ming’s contribution is long. It is possible to go from Miyami to north. It is said that 1/3 parts have disappeared. If there is so much longer then there is nothing to be surprised. Because the research is still going on. Its height, width is different in different places. But the thing that is common is its vulnerability.

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The Great Wall! Truly magnificent and breathtaking! There is no more interesting places than China’s Great Wall to travel.

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