Jaflong: A Natural Beauty of Sylhet, Bangladesh

How do you explain the definition of beauty? There are thousands of beauty in our world. We enjoy those beauty. Sometimes we have to look at the nature of those kinds, and sometimes we have to go to this nature.

The name of an area in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet district of Bangladesh is Jaflong. Its location is 62 kilometers north-east of Sylhet city. This area is now known as one of the tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Jaflong is called Nature’s daughter.

Jaflong a natural girl

Nature Girl Jaflong

According to historians, for many years Jaflong was a Khasia Jainta-a lonely forest in the kingdom. Although the Khasia-Jainta state was abolished by the abolition of zamindari system in 1954, the vast area of ​​Jaflong fell several years later. Later, traders started to come from Japlong on the river through different areas in search of stones, and when the expansion of the stone business grew, then once again the new settlement grew. In the 1980s, 55 kilometers of Jaflong road connectivity with Sylhet was established. Then the beauty of Jaflong’s beauty spread all over the world. Local and foreign tourists and nature-goers are also crowding in Jaflong.

Jaflong is also famous for commercial reasons. Especially for the stones. Four types of hard rock are found in Bangladesh, among them there are solid rock pebbles found in Bholaganj-Jaflong. Besides, in the rainy season on the hills of the Shillong plateau on the Indian border, when there is heavy rainfall, the hills of the Dauki river also carry huge currents carrying these rivers. For this reason, a lot of stones are found in the river Jaflong of Sylhet area. And the livelihood of a large part of the people of this area has been formed around the lifting and processing of this stone.

Jaflong sylhet travel

Here the Bengalis live as well as the tribals also live. There are 5 Khasiafunji in Jaflong’s Ballala, Sangampuri, Nakshapani, Lampapani and Pratappur. Meghalaya region of India from Jaflong is very clearly seen. If you see the high mountains of Meghalaya, they all want to go there. You can enjoy the beauty of most of the corners after one rain can go to Jaflong. Jaflong’s beauty in the cloudy sky is quite different. Fountain dropped from the hills of Jaflong is one of the tourist attractions. Besides, many hanging bridges of India’s Dauki Port also attracted. Dowki river flowing in spiral also attracts tourists. The transparency of the water of the Dauki river is one of the attractions of Jaflong. Everything is visible in the depths of the river. Like a glass of transparent glass. Boishakhi Mela is organized in Jaflong surrounded by Bengali Naboborsho in Pahela Baishakh.

How to Travel Jaflong

Many buses come from Dhaka for Sylhet. There are buses from morning till 12:30. There are many buses along with Shyamoli, Sohag, Hanif, Green Line. Rent 450 to 600 BDT (non-AC). And 800-100 BDT (AC bus).

You can also go to Sylhet by direct flight from Dhaka. Us-bangla, Novo Air, Regent Airways, Biman Bangladesh has many flights for Sylhet. Rent starting from 2800 BDT.

You can visit Jaflong’s Tamabil or Zeropoint. In that case you have to come to CNG or local bus. Local buses will cost 60 BDT. And if you take the CNG all day, the rent will be 1800 BDT but in that case you will be able to visit Bichankandi. And if you take your own car, you can visit around yourself.

Tourism of Jaflong Sylhet

Accommodation at Jaflong

There is no worry for you to stay. Sylhet has many places to stay. But there is no place in Jaflong, so you have to stay in Sylhet city. For Hotel Star Pacific, Rose View Hotel, Hotel Garden Inn, Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf, Hotel Valley Garden and many other great quality hotels.

Then take time out to enjoy this beauty of nature. Jaflong is a very good place to spend holiday with family.

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