Five Suitable And Popular Places For Romantic Honeymoon

Honeymoon is like a dream to every new couple. Everyone is eager to spend time alone with his favorite person. And that’s why they want to choose a romantic place, where they do not just sit with their hands but also get closer to the nature. There are also many different choices or interests. It may also be an artificial beauty or a love for architecture.
Who does not want honeymoon time to be memorable? In this case, many couples can not easily locate the place. There are many tourist places in the world and they want to find out the suitable places. This feature has been arranged for some of the places considered by all the people of tastes, which is famous for romanticism worldwide and for couples. This feature has been arranged with some areas of interest that are famous for romanticism worldwide and suitable for all couples.

Paris Travel, tour, honeymoon


Paris is for those who want to enjoy the beauty of walking around the city streets. The light of this city carries the message of love. Paris is one of the tourism cities and the first row among romantic cities. The sights of this city can not be counted. The whole city is a full spectacular place.
Going to Paris, you can walk around with the partner in the river Seine. In addition to enjoying aesthetic beauty on both sides, you can roam through the thrill world. Here is the world-famous Eiffel Tower, which makes Paris a nightmare of luxury. There are numerous cine clubs.

Finally, one more place here can make your love memorable – love walls or love of wall. Where it is written about different types of love for different people in different languages ​​of the world.

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Maldives Travel, tourism, sea beach


To enjoy the marine beauty, many newcomers in the world choose Maldives for honeymoon every year. The country is composed of a small number of islands, so it is called the source of marine beauty. In the whole world, only Maldives has the opportunity to travel under the deep sea of ​​120-feet deep by huge size of Submarine. The capital of the Maldives is the ideal place for couples in the Male Island. The sea water here is clear as glass. You can spend some great moments with your favorite man at a seafront cocktail. If you want to ride on the seaplane also.

Millions of tourists from all over the world came running to enjoy the beautiful time in the Maldives. If you want to swim in the sea of ​​romanticism, you can choose this island without any doubt. Among the tourist areas of Maldives, the more notable are the Meeru Island and Landaa Giraavaru Resort Island.

Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is a state of US. It is one of the favorite places of honeymoon with the bride to the European people. Due to the diverse natural landscape of the island and the temperate climates of the air, the atmosphere creates an excellent environment for the couple. The island has an air all day long, so there is no fear of heatless heat. Here the sunlight is very bright because natural scenes look like a picture. There are plenty of yellow Hibiscus available here, which is the national flower here. The most popular flower here is Plumeria. Also, due to the climate, many types of flowers bloom in this island. So the island may also be called flower state for you. However, due to flowering and fruit abundance, the island is also known as flower and fruit island.

This island can be interesting to you, Akaka Falls, Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Lanikai Beach etc.

Venice tour, travel, romantic place


Another name for romantic city is Venice in Italy. It has become the City of love for its natural beauty. The islands of this city comprised of 118 islands are connected to each other by the bridge. So some of them also called floating city.

The city of Venice is also called the city of Honeymoon. The architecture, sculpture and the stream of water flowing through the city will fascinate you. Also here is the oldest bridge “Rialto Bridge”. According to the conventional belief, when the bell rings in the Campanile church during sunset, they will get divine love if they kiss a pair under the bridge.

Bali, Indonesia travel, tourism, beach
Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an ideal place to spend romantic couples together. Its scenic view, the greenish blue color of the water creates an attractive weather, which makes romantic travel worthwhile.

From Sanur Beach of Bali, you can see the sunset by the hand of the beloved man. Do not forget to see the Tanah Lot of 15th century temple. This stone-built temple is very close to the sea, as it is standing with one majesty. In Bali, you can also enjoy the beauty of 5 waterfalls. And if you want to spend a quiet time, Seminyak Eco resort is the best suited for you.
With all the beauty of Bali, the people’s culture and lifestyle should be adapted completely. So in all the Bali can be for you a memorable romantic tour.

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