Eiffel Tower The Most Popular Tourist Attraction In France

Once a person was asked, if God comes to earth and asks you, “What do you want?” The person answered, “I want to see the Eiffel Tower”. It is not only the person’s desire, but it is the demand of many people in the world. You are the Wikipedia about the Eiffel Tower. And you will find lots of information on different sites. On this site you will find “10 interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower” or this type of lot. Pabenaeisakala many places that you can call information data that is absolutely unimportant, So we’ve added some information below.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris (French: La Tour Eiffel) is one of the world’s famous structures and one of France’s most famous symbols.

Eiffel Tower Tourism

The famous Eiffel Tower in France

Now, in the original discussion, why Eiffel Tower is so important! The entrance to the international fair is the Eiffel Tower, the world’s tallest structure for 30 decades. Eiffel Tower is not only famous for the use of eighteen thousand different structures, the weight or the effect of heat on the Eiffel Tower, length of winter time and length in the hot time. These information is certainly important but not main reason. The main reason is “Icon”. That will be called now. We know that there is a Pyramid in Egypt which is the Egyptian icon or their symbol. The Egypt is famous for this pyramid (although they have other famous things, although it is the main pearl of the crown). There are Taj Mahal in India, India is famous for this Taj Mahal. These Taj Mahal, Pyramid, Grand Canyon, Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, Statue of Liberty, the ruins of ancient civilization, etc. create a national image on one side, bringing many tourists on the other side, which is the unique source of national income.

Information about Eiffel Tower

A lot of people meet every year to see these patterns. Which translates into a national income. The French government undertakes this project. And the project holds a fortune, so the French government brings huge features. What are the major features that this structure contains, First of all, we can talk about its beauty. There is a kind of softness to look at it in the daytime. It can be said that the person is generally appreciative of the huge things. And 18 thousand iron structures are used to make this magnitude larger. And its height is huge! 320 meters or 1050 feet! And 1350 kg of color is used to protect such a large structure from scratch. And after every seven years, this 1350 kg color is reused. To set up this amazing structure, three pillars were formed, which are three types.

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History of the Eiffel Tower

A person whose name was Eiffel, He designed a bridge for the architectural railway, he used that experience to build the tower. According to his name, the name of the tower was named ‘Eiffel Tower’. There were 300 staffs to create this tower by adding 16,038 iron pieces of different shapes.

The interesting thing is that the construction of the tower was completed on March 31, 1889, in just two years, two months, and two days. It is also used to build tall and such shaped towers but very little labor is spent. The construction of this tower is in the field of civil engineering and architecture Started a revolution.

A very small 190 feet, another 376, and another 900 feet. And yes, this Eiffel Tower is not the only beauty, icon, symbolic or national symbol, when it is found that putting a radio part on this structure will not diminish its beauty. Then a radio station was installed. And in the first world war, this radio station used to interfere with the German radio signal. This Eiffel Tower attracted Hitler too. Hitler climbed to this tower. And behind this tower’s installation, when there was a desire for money, it was also used for advertising.

To travel  Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Tours

The Eiffel Tower is also the national symbol of France, and is one of the sources of income. The French government has made it more popular through the use of various facilities. To travel to Eiffel Tower, you can easily enjoy its beauty in Paris by plane. Communication and tourism are very advanced here. So the Eiffel Tower can be seen without any problem to travel.

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