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What can one give as a gift? What could be more expensive than books, shirts, excursion tickets, mobile phones, cameras, cars, and last? Football star Cristiano Ronaldo gave a whole island as a gift to his friend’s wedding! This was the last year’s events. But more than 132 years ago, in 1886, France gifted a magnificent sculpture to America in 1886. It was not just aa sculpture, it was also expensive, high and historic. Its height is 305 feet 1 in. The sculpture is now standing as a symbol of equality, freedom and liberty in the face of the New York harbor of the United States, in the face of the Hudson River at Bedlow Island, where all ships of New York anchored. And now the island has been named ‘Liberty’. Whom we know as the ‘Statue of Liberty‘.

Statue of Liberty

The ‘Statue of Liberty’ is a figure of a woman lying in a loose gown flying gown. The crown on the head is the crowning crown, which is the symbol of seven continents and seven seas. There is a book in the left hand of the sculpture (This is probably the book of law), so that the Roman numeral engraving is written, “July 4, 1776,” in the days of American independence. A torch scratched in the right hand The torn shekel lying on the leg, talking about release This sculpture stands as a symbol of equality, freedom and liberty.

 To Travel Statue of Liberty

The height of the original sculpture up to 151 feet 1 inches in the right hand holding torch. But if the ground is sculpted, the height of the sculpture is 305 feet 1 in. America’s National Park Services maintains this sculpture. Until 1924, the sculpture was known as Liberty Enlightenment the World. Later it was renamed. It is kept, ‘Statue of Liberty’.

Eiffel Tower Engineer Alexander Gustav Eiffel then designs the Statue of Liberty. Frederick worked with Barroldly in August to build this magnificent sculpture. French and American sculptors worked for almost two years to complete the construction. The sculpture made of thick beaten copper plates and iron frames is made up of 300 pieces. When the work was completed in June 1884, it was preserved in Paris in France. Later in 1885, several parts were opened and ships were sent to the United States in 214 boxes. President Grover Cleveland officially launched on October 28, 1886, the sculpture was officially inaugurated.

Important information about the Statue of Liberty

1) The French sculptor Augustus Bartholady Statue of Liberty is designed.
2) The cost of France to make it is two and a half million dollars.
3) America has spent $ 200,000 to build the statue that has to be installed on the statue.
4) A lot of these deployments were made on the basis of the general public.
5) This statue was not always known as ‘Statue of Liberty’. Until 1924, it was called Liberty Enlightenment the World.
6) After the installation of this statue, the importance of the surrounding cities has increased.
7) The outer part of copper is made of metal. Its density is only 2.5 millimeters.
8) The image of this image was not always the same. Actually it could look like a rusted iron.
9) Its internal structure was designed by Gustav Eiffel.
10) The stack in the fierce wind tends to stretch a few inches.
11) In its right hand, the hand which holds the torch, it has a ladder of 42 feet. To serve, these ladders have to climb.
12) Engineers enter the bottom of the statue for the service. That’s the gateway.

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Size & Weight of Statue of Liberty

The height of the statue is 151 feet 1 in. Feet from ankle to head, feet up to 111 feet, 16 feet 5 inches in height, index finger 8 feet, nose size 13 inches, nose 6 feet 6 inches, right arm 42 feet, two eye spacing 2 feet 6 inches, waist 35 feet, face width 3 feet, one ear to the other ear distance 10 feet and the nails weighing 1 kg of 500 grams. The statue weighs 254,000 kg

Finally a sad news. Such a traditional sculpture is also on the way to fear. The bronze plaque on the surface of the Statue of Liberty made of copper and rain in the storm has become green. Meteorologists say the carbon deposits in contact with oxygen came in. Normal rain water also responds to copper. Thus this greenish color has been created in the chemical reaction of water and metals. And the wind accelerates this decrease in speed.

For the first time in 1937, the Statue of Liberty has been renovated to protect it from weather-related erosion. The water was stuck in and the other damage was stopped. However, this metallic architecture may be lost once a day. The Statue of Liberty was reformed for two years from 1984 to 1986 and three years from 2011 to 2012.

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To Travel Statue of Liberty

No ticket is required to enter Liberty Island. But the Liberty Island has to reach the ferry, which is to be rented. To buy a museum entry ticket with ferry. Ferries that travel on this route provide all the facilities including safety of the traveler. The statue is mounted on the stairs and a special ticket for the rigging of the crown is to be collected in advance 1 year ago. Every day 240 people are allowed to travel, each group can accommodate 10 people and 3 groups per hour. Travelers can only enter the diet and the camera. They have a locker for other things. During entry, you must go through a security scanning.

In 1984, the UNESCO announced the ‘Statue of Liberty’ as World Heritage Site. In Unesco’s Statement of Significance, the sculpture is referred to as ‘Masterpiece of Human Spirit’.

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