January 24, 2020
Las Vegas Strip

The 5 most spectacular and attractive places in America

America is one of the largest and most diverse nations in the world. Every year, there are a large number of tourists visiting the country, visiting different sights and attractions of the country. Alaska’s natural beauty, Yolostone or California, Florida and lovely beaches in Hawaii, New York, Chicago’s skyscrapers or high tower – all are […]

sea beaches

The world’s longest and Attractive 5 sea beaches

Some beach is famous for their temperature and sand colors, and some beaches are famous for their longevity. Let’s know about the longest 5 sea beaches in the world: The world’s longest 5 sea beach 5. Playa Novillero: Playa Novillero is the 5th longest beach in the world. It is the longest beach in Mexico. […]

The 5 Most Attractive and Spectacular Places in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s tourist attractions. Since its establishment as a British trading colony in 1819 after Independence – it has become one of the richest cities or countries in the world. In the mix of Asian and cultures, the country is becoming more and more popular with visitors.Singapore’s communication and tourism system […]

The Five Most Attractive And Spectacular Tourist Spot in India

India is a unique country for heritage, spirituality and modernity. On the basis of size, the country is the seventh largest in the world and second largest in terms of population. So there is no lack of sights and attractive places in the country. It is found in every spectacular place and establishment of Indian […]

The most spectacular and interesting places in France

Although France is famous for its alcohol and cheese, this country is one of the largest destinations in the world. Over the year, more than 82 million visitors visit the country’s various sights and attractions. Tourists from Paris, Tuolaus, Lyon, Bardo and many other cities have huge interest in tourism. The number of World Heritage […]

Sahara Desert: The world’s largest tropical desert

The Sahara Desert of Africa, known as The Great Desert, is the third largest desert in the world. Around 9.2 million square kilometers of this vast desert lies across much of Africa. Outside of it, it has a wide range of places including Egypt, Morocco, Acazyria, Tunesia, Sudan, Niger, Mali and more. The Arabic word […]

Mount Everest: The highest mountain in the world

Mount Everest is the highest Mountain ranges in the world. Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tanzing Norgay of Nepal on 29 May 1953 topped the summit of Everest. From then, the victory of the people of the Everest is going on. Ancient history of Mount Everest: Scientists said that almost two billion years […]