Amazon Rainforest, One Of The World’s Natural Wonders

One of the world’s natural wonders, Amazon Rainforest. The origin of 20% of oxygen in the world comes from the dense forest of Amazon. That is why it is called the world’s lungs. This Amazon name comes from the background of a war. Francisco D’Orrellana fought the battle of Tapius and several tribes with the tribe. According to the tradition, Orellana’s clan fought against male warriors including men and women with tapeways. Amorzonas from the Emerazonas of Griekpura gave the name of this war to Amazonas. From there, the name of the whole forest becomes Amazon. The river also flows along the Amazon River. It is the largest river in the world. It is said that the origin of most of the rivers from the Amazon River. The whole region including the river, is called the Amazon Basin.

Expansion of Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon forest, which covers nearly 55 lakh square kilometers of South America, is not a monochromatic state of any country. Amazon spread across 9 countries Although the climate is dense, the climate of this area is quite humid. About 60% of the Amazon forest is in Brazil, 13% in Peru and the rest comprises Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. About 40% of what we understand South America is this rare Amazon forest. The size of Rainforest across the world, its half is Amazon itself.

Amazon Rainforest Travel

Tribe of Amazon Rainforest

Although Forest means many living organisms and free passages, more than 300 tribes and ethnic groups live in the Amazon. Most of them are Brazilians. But they speak in Portuguese, Spanish, besides the language of Brazil. Many people also have their own language. Some ethnic communities are of nominal nature, they do not have much contact with the outside world. Researchers found black soil across a large part of Amazon. Their idea is that the black-clay soil based on the civilization that developed here. It is also called terra soil.

Biodiversity of Amazon Rainforest

Amazon forest is like a living library. The treasures of its knowledge are the dimensions of knowledge – biology, botany, climate, river, geography, physics, pharmacology or medical; Everyone is interested in the various sections of Amazon. Due to the warm geological climate, Amazon is the world’s most diverse biodiversity area. This huge forest contains about 2.5 million insects, about 16 thousand species of trees, 2,000 birds and mammals themselves. There are also 40 thousand species of bush national plants, 3,700 species of different species of fish. One of the animals found in Amazon is Jaguar, Anaconda, Macao, Tiari, Electric Eel, Pigeon Dart Frog, Pink Dolphin etc. Researchers have now discovered 128843 invertebrates in Brazilian part of Amazon. 43,000 species of ants were found in a tree in Peruvian part. There are not so many species found in whole of Britain. About 37% of the medical diet we know is from the Amazon Tree.
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Amazon River

Amazon River

The Amazon River name came inevitably when Amazon came out. It is said that in the New York City of America 12 years of water is used in various works or flows in the surrounding rivers, more than 18,000 cu-sec liters of water flow in the Amazon river in one day. Such a sweet water flowing through the banks of this river goes into the surrounding sea, that the sea water of about 127 miles is less saline. 25% of the world’s freshwater comes from the Amazon. The face of the Amazon River is so huge, for which the nearby island is submerged in the Mario gradually. Although incredible to hear, the Mario shape is almost equal to Switzerland. Surprisingly, the Amazon River was once flowing towards the Pacific Ocean. Due to its geological nature, the motion is moving now to the Atlantic Ocean!

Amazon has begun to lose its charm due to climate, geographical location, continually changing global climate, human lesion, and other reasons. According to a UN report in 2004, only 40% of Brazilian part of Amazon’s forest was dissolved.

The world’s unique geographical, biodiversity grave amazas will not be long and will not be our pride. We’ll find Amazon on the History page.

Important Information About The Amazon Rainforest

* Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest.
* Its area is approximately 55 lakh sq km.
* The expansion of the Amazon on nine countries of South America.
* The world’s longest ‘Amazon River’ flows through this forest.
* In this forest, Amazon is rich in small insects and colorful birds in comparison to larger animals.
* In the forest there are the ‘Harpi Eagle’ and the famous ‘Macao’ birds.
* Amazon supplies 20% of the world’s oxygen.

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